Description of Services

Additional Information about our services

Window Washing

Our state of the art equipment includes a de-ionizer tank to remove solids from tap water and ensure no residue is left behind. Our telescopic extension poles can provide service  a de-ionizer tank which eliminates up to three stories in height; safely from the ground. 

Pre-Paint Washing

Every home requiring a new exterior paint job should be pre-washed to ensure no dirt, organic growth or debris is left behind prior to paint application. This service uses low pressure only combined with our cleaning solution to achieve the best results. Power washing is not a method we reccommend for pre-paint washes, as it can leave behind abrasive and unsightly scarring in the substrate. Soft washing also ensures water will not blow out window seals or be driven into places it shouldn't be- such as your home's attic, or inside the building envelope.  

Gutter Cleaning

Our tried and true methods include the conventional hand scooping of debris, but we also employ a variety of other tactics to remove debris in an efficient and confident manner, such as our extendable rigid vacuum attachments which can reach up to three stories in height.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is  a service we offer at Arbutus- whether you're looking at brightening up the look of your driveway or parking garage, or ensuring your walkways are safe and slip free. We use professional grade high PSI cleaning units to clean dense horizontal surfaces such as concrete or stone walkways. Our Surface cleaning tools abandon the method of using a "wand" by replacing it with a circular oscillating head, to deliver the high pressure water to the surface material with the utmost efficiency. We also have methods for removing tough oil stains soaked into a dense surface material.

Bulk Moss Removal

We remove the bulk of the moss growth  on your roof using brushes on extension poles. This method is the least abrasive to the surface of your roof; whether you have laminate shingles, composite, tile, or torch-on roofing. This service is ancillary to the roof treatment process and should be completed prior to treatment.

Roof Treatment/Algae removal

This service is usually a three part process, starting with the bulk removal of moss and ending with the cleaning of gutters. The roof is then treated using our signature bio-degradable solution . Once the solution is applied all active moss and algae is killed on contact. This is the best method to manage the active growth and overall visual aesthetic of the roof.